Resurrection Power Pastor Who Is Sick Bans His Wife From Managing Church Finances

The general overseer and senior pastor of Resurrection Power New Generation Church (RPNGC), Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, has reportedly barred his wife, Rev. Mrs. Margaret Boakye from managing the finances of the church.

Reverend Boakye for some months has been missing from the eyes of the public with multiple reports indicating that he has been down with the sickness.

Resurrection Power New Generation Church (RPNGC), Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye

Following his reported sickness, Rev. Mrs Margaret Boakye is said to have taken over the helm of affairs in the administration of the church including its finances.

However, according an audio recording addressed to the church leadership and its members, a voice purported to be Rev Anthony Boakye has asked that his wife be taken away from managing the finance of church.

“The truth is that when she had not taken over the management of finance, she was of good character. However having assumed control of financing, her behaviour has changed. Therefore I have written a letter and I am as well sending this audio that I Rev Boakye based on what I have heard has asked Rev Mrs Boakye to rather focus on her duties as a pastor’s wife. From today, you have been taken away from the money, don’t count money again,” he stated in the voice recording shared by Oman Channel.

He went on to name a person who ha said has been appointed by God to manage the finances of the church.

“If you hear this voice, it is me Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye. Don’t doubt that it is me. From today, Sofo Maame, should focus on her work and making sure the church of God grows. She has been taken off from managing the church finances,” he added.



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