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Nigeria isn’t a serious country and we know it!

Nigerians were still reeling from the President’s speech which many have criticised when a new bombshell was dropped yesterday. A Presidential spokesperson announced that Buhari would be working from home for the next 3 months. This comes mere days after the President came back from spending over 100 days in a London hospital. The spokesman claimed that rats had invaded Buhari’s office in Aso Rock damaging furniture as well as air conditioning units.

Yes, you heard right. Rats (Oke/Ekute/Bera) have invaded Aso Rock.

Like every Nigerian out there, we went from:

Oprah shocked gif

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And finally arrived at:



And we were definitely not alone in feeling these things.

Nigerians have made themselves heard on social media about how they feel about the rats in Aso Rock. First, there was banter:


Then Nigerians got sarcastic


And finally, they got angry and pulled receipts because screenshots are forever!


We don’t know about you but the international disgrace is getting too much.