Rastafarians Smoke Weed – Dept. Parliament Speaker Justifies Rejection Of Rasta Students (Video)

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei Wusu (Joewise) has asked all persons to detach religion from the ongoing development at the Achimota School because it does not help the case of the Rastafarian students with the dreadlocks who have been asked to cut their hair before they are accepted into the school.

Speaking in relation to the issues on the floor of Parliament, the lawmaker for Bekwai said Rastafarianism involves smoking weed.

This is a substance that is illegal in the country therefore, the discussion on this matter should not centre on Rastafarianism as a religion, he said.

“I also get worried about the attempt to rope in Rastafarianism as a religion. If we do then we complicate the matters for the young man.

“The reason is this. If you study Rastafarianism it involves the smoking of weed and weed is an illegal substance, it is not a substance that is permitted to smoke.

“Indeed, if you recall in this house one of the persons that have been brought before this house for contempt of parliament was one person claiming to be Rastafarian who went on air and said that Members of Parliament smoked weed, he was brought to this house, he was put before the privileges committee and he was found guilty of contempt of parliament, he was brought here and made to apologize and told to go and sin no more.

“So I think that references to religion and so on complicate the matters for the young man,” he said.

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