Radio Presenter “Female Gospel Musicians Should Stop Marrying Foolish Men”

According to radio presenter and panellist on the Biribi Gyegye Wo show, Nana Kwame Gyan, marrying a ‘foolish man’ is the beginning of Joyce Blessing’s woes.

Nana Kwame Gyan called out Joyce Blessing’s husband for constantly targeting the musician for ridicule.

“When Joyce Blessing had the first issue, this man drove around media houses and radio presenters, sharing the issue, hoping they publicise it. The wise radio presenters refused to be dragged into the marital squabble,” he said on Onua TV.

Ghanaians were concerned when a video of gospel musician Joyce Blessing drinking herself into a daze whilst professing love to one Kwame surfaced online.


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While many chastised her, others sympathized with her, especially when her management issued a statement that the video was sent to her estranged husband under the strain of their marital issue.

Unfortunately, her soon-to-be-divorced-husband replied that he is not the Kwame mentioned in the video. He further insinuated that Joyce Blessing cheated whilst married by indicating that the ring on her finger in the video was their wedding ring.

The entertainment pundit has advised female gospel musicians to marry sensible and responsible men.

“If you are a female gospel musician, stop marrying foolish men.

If something will trigger a married woman to the level that they will cheat on their husband or drink into a stupor, then it’s dangerous. Because when you married her, she was faithful to you. She wasn’t drinking. So how did it get to this stage? How were you treating her? What kind of life were you pushing her into that she has now decided not to leave?”


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