We Can Wear Nose Mask During Sex – Prostitutes Assure Customers

Some commercial sex workers in Ghana have expressed worry about low patronage since the country confirmed its first Covid-19 case in March.

Drinking spots, pubs and other places for social gatherings had remained closed since March, until a month ago when President Akufo-Addo lifted the ban on them.

The development affected the ‘oldest profession’ of the world forcing most of the prostitutes to resort to other businesses. Although the bars are now operating, some of the commercial sex workers are lamenting their collapsing business.


“Some clients were frightened by the Covid-19, therefore, even when you convince them that you can wear a nose mask before you sleep with them they still don’t get convinced,” a sex worker called Success told The Mirror newspaper.


She added: “Unfortunately, we need the money, so we cannot stop the trade but we will keep persuading our clients to see if they will have a change of mind.”

“I went home during the lockdown because I was not getting clients, since people were afraid to come out because of the disease. It is only once a while that an old customer will call then if you are lucky, they meet you somewhere,” the newspaper quoted another saying.


Ama (not her real name), who plies her trade around Asylum Down, said,

“Our market is down due to the closure of a popular drinking spot nearby where I operate. As a result, most of the ladies have relocated to different parts of the city. Only a few of us come here once a while.”


Despite the challenges, some of them said the prices they often charge their clients remain the same, the outlet added.

While some charge between GH¢100 and GH¢200 half-night or a full night respectively, others take between GH¢80 and GH¢100.

One can also enjoy himself with GH¢25, GH¢40, or GH¢50 based on the location and the type of room chosen — be it a hotel or guest house.

For instance, a guest house along the Kasoa road charges GH¢30 for ‘short time’, excluding the charge for the sexual bout.

Source: Daily Mail


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