The ex-chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei, has suggested that most Ghanaians are not financially disciplined.

Prof. Adei indicated that average Ghanaians are more interested in showing off their wealth by buying excess clothes and having more clothing than millionaires in western countries like the late Steve Jobs who owned only four pairs of jeans, reports.

prof adei ghana

He, therefore, urged Ghanaians to learn to avoid wasting their monies on unnecessary acquisitions including excess clothes.

“… limit the price of financial success… In other words, don’t make certain sacrifices, that is financial discipline, not wasting your money.

“The average Ghanaian has more clothing than a millionaire in America, yes…” Prof. Adei is quoted to have said at the Springboard Your Virtual University show.

Also, Prof. Adei said that it is wrong for people to prioritise wealth over having good relationships.

“Getting rich at the expense of personal integrity, a good marriage, family life, fellowship and friendship only makes you a rich fool,” he added.

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