Cunning Prisoner Tricks His Way Out of Shimo la Tewa

Peter Kamau Ngige, a known criminal and prisoner at Shimo la Tewa Prison allegedly tricked the police and security guards at the facility into securing his freedom.

Reports indicate that the fugitive impersonated a fellow inmate with a similar name to his so as to find his way out.

He was serving time for robbery with violence.

An informant to the Daily Nation revealed that the Kamau Ngige in question posed as his namesake during a video conference in which he was wrongfully freed.

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Shimo la Tewa Prison

“During the video conferencing process the robbery with violence suspect posed as the illicit liquor remandee, deceitfully gaining his freedom,” the source said.

A detective attached to the case described the escapee as a criminal who had participated in a series of highway robberies two years ago.

“Before we managed to arrest him, he had hijacked a Nairobi-bound matatu and robbed commuters at gunpoint,” he reported.

However, his freedom was short- lived as the police were able to track him down using a phone that he had stolen.

The incident was confirmed by Naivasha Sub-County Police Commander, Samuel Waweru.

Naivasha police boss Samuel Waweru
Naivasha Police Commander, Samuel Waweru. Photo Courtesy



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