Uhuru Bans Sale Of Alcohol, Extends Closure of Bars By 30 Days

President Uhuru has banned the sale of alcohol and further extended the closure of bars by 30 more days effective from midnight, July 27.

According to the head of state in his 10th presidential address since Covid-19 on Monday, July 27, bars shall remain closed and no restaurant or eatery shall sell alcohol.

His address came shortly after his summit with governors to discuss further strategies of controlling the infections.

Speaking at the Nairobi Statehouse, Uhuru has also extended the 9pm to 4am nationwide curfew by 30 days.

Notably, he revised the closing time for restaurants and eateries ordering the managements to close an hour earlier. Therefore, the new closing time for this facilities is  7pm and not 8pm.

The first in command stated he could not reinstate another lockdown as some citizens expected. However, he urged all Kenyans to individually take the responsibility of looking out for oneself and one another.

However, he said if has to, he would not hesitate to enforce more stringent measures since it is upon him to protect everyone in the republic.

“If we want to preserve our economic health,  we must start by preserving  our physical health and that is a responsibility for all of us,” he said.

The president urged the Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai to not spare anyone that disobeys these rules of engagement as they are meant for all Kenyans irrespective of their social status.



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