Lets Celebrate Six: Presec Wins 2020 National Science & Maths Quiz

After several weeks of sleepless nights and brain cracking, the most coveted National Science And Maths Quiz has finally ended.

The grand finale of competition saw three heavyweights, Adisadel College, Presec Legon and Opoku Ware School.

With all of these schools winning the competition before, the final could not be much better.  The first round proved to be a close contest as Presec won the round with 14 points followed by Opoku Ware School with 9 points and Adisadel College with 7 points.

In the second round, Presec stood out and proved that they meant business as they ended the round with 18 points followed by Opoku Ware School with 8 points and Adisadel College with 7 points.

The third round saw a bit of twist as Adisadel College had 8 out of 10 taking them to 15 points. Presec who had proven to be strong in the previous round amassed 5 points taking them to 23 points. Opoku Ware School also amassed 6 points taken them to 14 points.

The fourth round was even more thrilling as Adisadel College edged closer and narrowed the gap to 5 points.

However they couldn’t fight harder as Presec Legon still went on to win with 36 points.  Adisadel College placed second with 31 points and Opoku Ware School placed third with 21 points.


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