This Pregnant Mother Says Having A Boyfriend Has Made Her Marriage Stronger

A pregnant polyamorous woman who has both a husband and boyfriend said her open relationship has actually helped strengthen her marriage.

Alexis Watts, 28, from Central Valley, California, met her husband, Christopher, at a swingers event following the breakdown of her first marriage.

Pregnant Mom Says Dating Multiple Partners

She said she felt like ‘something was missing’ from her first relationship, so when she and Christopher, 35, got together, they agreed to date other people.

Now, the couple has been married for four years and is expecting their fourth child together in May – however, Alexis also has a boyfriend.

She has been dating the other man, whose name has been kept hidden for privacy reasons, for two years now – and she said the other romance helps her communicate better with her husband.

Alexis claimed that her lack of monogamy has strengthened her relationship with Christopher, since her boyfriend ‘meets needs her husband can’t’.

As for Christopher, he is currently casually dating but he doesn’t have a long term partner yet – while Alexis’ boyfriend also has a different wife.

Alexis admitted that although she and Christopher do get jealous of their partners sometimes, the emotion has only ‘made them grow’ in the long run.


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