4-Month-Old Pregnant Ghanaian Woman Kicked Off Emirates Flight For Vomiting On The Plane

A pregnant Ghanaian woman has reportedly been mistreated and mishandled by Emirates Airlines staff who then kicked her off a flight.

Ghanaian man Edward Opoku, who helplessly watched his wife go through the indignity of being kicked off a flight, narrated his ordeal via Twitter.

According to him, the incident occurred Saturday, February 26th 2022. Opoku narrated how they were travelling from Mauritius to Ghana through Dubai when the incident happened.

An Airbus A380-800 passenger plane of the Emirates Airlines at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport.

According to him, his 4-month old pregnant wife suffered morning sickness on the plane, at which point things started going sideways.

After she vomited, staff checked her and found her to be fine, but later said they would not move the plane with her onboard.

She was then unceremoniously kicked off the flight, which Opoku says embarrassed his wife and put the life of their unborn at risk.

Read through his frustrated diatribe on Twitter below…



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