Preacher’s Wife Seeks Divorce Over Dry Spell

It was love at first sight. The sight of a lanky, tall, dark and neatly dressed handsome man must have left her gasping with excitement.

Perhaps she had heard of fairy tales about the men from the western region and could not let go of this one man who wore three hats, a teacher, a farmer and a preacher – all rolled into one.

However, Anne Nekoye Nalianya now regrets the decision she made in her early days of getting married to Nicodemus Vilembwa Namusei.


Appearing before a Kakamega court where she is seeking a divorce, Anne said their marriage had irretrievably broken down. “My husband denies me conjugal rights. I seek divorce. We haven’t acquired any matrimonial property with him,” she said.

According to the woman, she last had sex on January 6, 2019, with her husband who is the petitioner in a miscellaneous case before Principal Magistrate Angeline Odao.

“It is now almost five years since we had sex with my husband,” Anne, a mother of four, told the court.

Anne dismissed her husband’s claim that she left home in 2016, insisting she was last at their matrimonial home on May 17, 2021.

“It will be three years by next year since we separated. Additionally, I took loans for the properties but Nicodemus took them to their home,” she said.

“We had issues within the first three days into marriage,” he said.

He denied assaulting his estranged wife. The court will make a judgment on September 20. 

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