Here’s The Video Of A Prayer Warrior Celebrating New Life After Marrying A Fetish Priest

A woman whose name has been identified as Lolo Ebelechukwu Obi has revealed how she switched from being a very powerful prayer warrior in Church to become the wife of a fetish priest.

According to the woman, she was a very active person in the church and was even a part of the prayer team until she met his husband who professed love to her.

Speaking during an interview with BBC News Pidgin, she revealed that ever since she got to marry his husband many men of God have dropped to come for powers from his husband.

Speaking about what led her into marrying the fetish priest she revealed that she visited the shrine one time only to be told that she is supposed to marry the priest which didn’t go down well with her at first.

She however revealed that she discussed the issue with her mum who gave her the go-ahead to marry him and she has been happily married to the priest for eight years.

Watch the video below;


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