Pope Francis Says Having Sex Outside Marriage Is “Not The Most Serious Sin”

Pope Francis has stated that sex outside of marriage is ‘not the most serious’ sin.

The head of the Catholic Church indicated that people should be more concerned about other transgressions while speaking to reporters on a flight back to Italy from Greece on Monday (6 December).

The 84-year-old said: “Sins of the flesh are not the most serious.”

Ah, well that’s a load off our collective minds.

Instead, the Pope said that hatred and pride are the most serious sins.

So if you indulge in some gold old-fashioned fleshy sins, expect a slap on the wrist – just don’t go being all proud about it, alright?

The Pope used his five-day trip to Greece and Cyprus to encourage young people to follow their dreams and not be tempted by the consumerist ‘sirens’ of today that promise easy pleasures.


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