So, A Policeman In Asutsuare Has Been Arrested for Raping Female Thief In Custody

According to a police situational report sighted, the victim Precious Azumah was in police custody for stealing from her ex-boyfriend.

While in custody, Precious Azumah who is a 17-year-old girl kept vomiting so Corporal Roland Agbovi Tetteh opened up the cells so she comes out in order to clean her mat and also clean the cell in which she occupied.

Precious according to police investigators, was being harassed by the Police Officer who fondled her breast despite some resistance.

ghana police arrest

The young girl is said to have escaped while the policeman was escorting her back to the cells but she was rearrested and locked up.

However, at 11:30 pm on January 20, 2022, the randy policeman opened the cells for Precious to have her bath in the washroom and stood by her till she finished taking her bath.

Corporal Roland Agbovi Tetteh is said to have forcefully slept with Precious after which he warned her to keep it between the both of them.

Precious however revealed what transpired and Corporal Roland Agbovi Tetteh has since been arrested while she has been given Police inquiry bail and issued with a medical form to attend the Akuse Hospital for medical examination, treatment and endorsement.


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