A Plus Asks “Who Came Up With The Nonsense That If You Sin, You’ll Go To Hell?”

Controversial musician and politician, Kwame A Plus, says he doesn’t believe in the concept of sin and going to hell to spend eternity with Satan.

In his recent post on Facebook, A Plus labelled the concept of going to hell as nonsense because it sounds surreal to him.

A-Plus Says He Will Kill Himself When He's Tired Of Living

According to him, why would one be tortured by Satan in hell when he, Satan, himself sinned against God?

He wrote:

If you sin, you’ll go to hell to be tortured by the same Satan who loves sin, sinned against God, makes you sin and is excited when you sin. So wait ooo, who came up with this nonsense?

This isn’t the first time A Plus has tweeted against some doctrines in the Bible.

Earlier, he said it is better for black people to worship the whites than Jesus Christ because they have achieved a lot and done more for humanity as compared to the Christian’s messiah.

He mocked Christians that they want to worship Jesus Christ for walking on the sea for a few minutes but don’t want to do the same for the people who have built ships that can “walk” on the sea for more than three solid months.


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