Viral photos of the founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church at a firing range and taking shooting lessons have found its way on the internet leaving Ghanaians gaping.

But do not be alarmed, I will let you in on the back story. Bishop Daniel Obinim [the only walking angel] had been invited as a special guest at the Achiase Military Camp to grace the annual West African Security Services Association games.

Reports say he was given a heroic welcome when he got there.

Angel Obinim is seen in a three-piece suit, lying on white bedding and aiming at ‘something’ while he received instructions from military personnel.

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These photos of Angel Obinim has taken the internet aback.

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The photos got a faction of Ghanaians asking if was right for a man of God to seen with guns while the other shrugged it off knowing he [Angel Obinim] would anything to make a headline.

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