Here are some exclusive photos depicting the funeral and burial of departed veteran actor, Charles Bukeko popularly known as Papa Shirandula:

Grave diggers preparing Papa’s final resting place in Samia, Busia County.

Body ready to leave Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home in Nairobi
Body arrives in Samia
 Body arrives at Busia home on Monday early morning
Casket is awaiting lowering into the grave

Papa died of COVID-19 on Saturday, July 18 2020.

His widow, Beatrice now says the Karen Hospital where Papa had gone to seek treatment was negligent of his health condition.

According to her, she wishes she had done more to help him since the doctors at the hospital allegedly focused more on testing for the virus than other conditions such as Malaria and Pneumonia.

Papa died at the hospital’s parking lot awaiting admission at the facility.

May his spirit and legacy live on forever.