People Are Being Slammed For Only Offering Homes To ‘Attractive’ Ukrainian Refugees

Millions of Ukrainians have been fleeing their country post the Russian invasion. However, neighbouring countries have been welcoming them with open arms and have even started several schemes where localities can offer their homes for these Ukrainians to take refuge at until things get better.

Some people, however, have been making fun of this critical situation. Creepy men have been joking that they would open their homes for only “attractive” Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing the war.

This began when the UK government completely flipped on an earlier decision about accepting refugees from Ukraine and launched a website named Homes For Ukraine where people can sign up to offer a room to house them. Following this, opportunists began sharing images of several beautiful Ukrainian models claiming they would house them because they’re attractive.

One of the most viral posts being shared as a meme says comes from a Twitter handle named Joke_blog. It says:

“UK Gov offering £350 a month to house Ukrainians fleeing war. I’m doing my bit and taking in Misha and Masha on Monday. Not all heroes wear capes!”

The picture along with the caption shows two attractive women standing side by side.

One user tweeted:

“Female Ukrainian refugees may feel a lot less anxious about coming to Britain if British men would stop posting Facebook images of young women with the caption ‘I’m doing my bit and taking two of them in hahaha.’ “They’re fleeing war Gary you total w*nker.”

Another added:

“Traffickers, exploiters, rapists, opportunists are all at the Polish/Ukraine border. There should have been a major effort made to make refugee women & girls aware of these things from Day 1.”

A third said:

“So random men are driving in minibuses all the way from the UK to Ukraine, to pick up refugee women & children they’ve never met and who don’t speak English, to drive them back all the way through the EU and to the UK via Channel ports.

This got more apparent after the UK scheme took place. According to the website, one can apply to home Ukrainians even if they don’t know them personally and become their sponsors. They have certain roles and objectives they have to follow.



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