People Are Very Confused After Footage Of The Biggest Human Poo On Record Resurfaces

The largest known human poo has faced backlash online, with everyone left saying the same thing.

Despite the 9th century Viking’s poo measuring a whopping 20cm long and 5cm wide, resurfaced footage from Channel 4 show Britain’s Most Historic Towns has left viewers far from impressed.

In the clip, Professor Alice Robert gets her hands on the historic excrement, commenting that its size shows that Vikings’ diets were high in fibre.

However, if you wanted to try and break a world record, then this one might just be one of the easiest and most hassle-free to break. Surely not much preparation is needed?

Redditers certainly think they have the potential to drop more than just a couple of kids off at the pool and potentially give the Viking a good run for his money.

The poo, called the Lloyds Bank Coprolite, was first uncovered in the UK in 1972 by archaeologists from the York Archaeological Trust.

50 years on, and social media users believe someone has definitely done a bigger number two since.

However, the man’s diet of meat and bread with a side of ‘several hundred parasitic worms’ is probably not the healthiest way to go if you want to try and take home the record-breaking title.

Summing up what many viewers thought upon viewing the resurfaced footage, on a Reddit post which has since been removed, one user reflected: “Ten thousand Redditors say, ‘Psshht. Amateur’.”

Another wrote: “For real, my first thought was ‘I’ve s**t bigger than that’.

“If this is the biggest s**t on record, I’m sure the biggest unrecorded s**t was massive.”

A user evidently knowledgable on the measurements used to quantify faeces commented: “That’s maybe 10 courics.. that’s rookie numbers.”

“Seven courics at best,” another responded.



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