Pawa Ya Mabeshte; Kenyans’ New Way of Earning from Home Courtesy of GamePawa

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Kenyans are now excited to know that there is a new technique to generate money without having to scan their eyes or adhere to so many rules and regulations, leaving aside the new world coin craze.

A caring Kenyan betting company, GamePawa, has protected players from the high cost of living at a time when consumers are dealing with the ongoing uncertainty of inflation. They have unveiled a brand-new method of earning that anyone can use without necessarily placing a bet.

Do you have any idea how that is possible? How? Read on.

Through the Pawa ya mabeshte program, which allows users to make up to Ksh 200,000 per month through affiliate marketing, popularly known as refer and earn, it is now easy to amass a fortune. Every time a user’s referral places a wager, they receive a 5% commission.


You will continue to get a cut of their bet amounts whether they choose to play roulette, slots, poker, or any games. Even better, there is no cap on the amount you can make with this service. You earn more commission by referring more players!

How does it work?

The procedure is easy to understand. You’ll get a special referral link after joining Gamepawa, which you can find on the commission tab. Send this link to all of your followers, friends, and family members who enjoy playing casino games. They become your referrals when they click on your link and register as new users on the site.

By working with GamePawa, you associate yourself with a respected company that has a track record of giving gamers outstanding customer service.

Earn more money.

Gamepawa casino platform is well-known in the business for providing a huge selection of thrilling games, top-notch security, and an easy-to-use interface.

The first step to earing more is to register, which takes no time at all. On the gamepawa website, click the “Register free” option. You need to provide your phone number and a password with at least six characters in order to complete registration.

Users that sign up are given a FREE welcome bonus that includes money and bonus spins. The welcome bonus, a unique promotion, is available to all new Gamepawa account holders. You will see the spin wheel after the first phase.

With Gamepawa’s casino industry innovations, there is absolutely no chance of winning nothing, even if you may win an amount less than what you bet. Depending on the game you choose, select the amount you want to play with for each one, then press SPIN, PLAY, or SHOOT.

You can earn three times your bet amount on every game.

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