Paul Adom-Otchere Says Nana Addo Is The Reason Why Ghanaians Now Trust Politicians

The Board Chairman of the Ghana Airport Company, Paul Adom-Otchere has lauded the honesty of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

He said the trust in Ghanaian politicians is at an all time high due to Nana Akufo-Addo.

Mr. Adom-Otchere said the President has abided by all the promises he made to Ghanaians prior to his election in 2016.

“The only reason why in 2020 promises became useful again was that Akufo-Addo was able to deliver his promise. Since 1960, politicians promise, they don’t deliver, we laugh at it. They come and say they would take the sea to Kumasi, promise all sorts of things. So we had forgotten about promises.”

“So, if you look at the 2000 elections, president Kufuor didn’t promise because he said ‘I’m not going to promise anything because nobody believes politicians who were promising”.

Now, that has changed. It’s changed because Akufo-Addo said ‘I would deliver Free SHS’ and he delivered it. So immediately, people know that they (politicians) can say something and do it. So, John Mahama came in 2020 and said Okada this, Okada that and people were listening because Akufo-Addo has changed the dynamics of the Ghanaian politics for 30 years,” he stated.

He continued,

“Do you remember one politician who promise one thing and do it, is it Busia, Liman, or Rawlings? They didn’t do it. Akufo-Addo was the only one in that long period who promised a major social intervention and he achieved it. People said he was not going be able to do it but he did it. So because he was able to do that, promises now come back on the table, and 2020, president Mahama is promising. Akufo-Addo truly redeemed the Ghanaian politician from the laughing stock that they became with promises”.

In a recent interview, John Boadu, the General Secretary of the NPP said Ghanaians should be grateful for having Akufo-Addo as President.

According to John Boadu it could have been worse for Ghana if John Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or any other person was in power.

According to him, Akufo-Addo, despite all the global hardships which had been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in prices of petroleum products has led Ghana’s economy to experience good growth rates.

“We (NPP) are far better managers of this economy than they can think of. We are lucky that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government is in power in times of this drastic shock; the twin problem of COVID and fuel price increases.”


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