Pastor Love Says Most Ghanaian Pastors Are FAKE But He Is Not One Of Them

The ex-husband of Ghanaian singer, Obaapa Christy, Pastor Love Kweku Hammond who is also a renowned man of God has claimed that he is a genuine man of God.

However, he admitted that there are many Ghanaian pastors that are FAKE, emphatically stating that he isn’t one of such pastors.

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV, he said;

“I won’t challenge you because the fake pastors are many. Some time ago I used to preach at Nkawkaw on Obuoba FM; a pastor told the listeners that they should pour akpeteshie into water and bathe with it for they will receive several miracles. I told the Pastor I will beat him up.

There are members and fake prophets, and there are original members and original pastors. Therefore people should take good steps so that they benefit from God’s blessings.

Pastor Love is a genuine Pastor, those who know Pastor Love know God’s blessings is on Pastor Love. I am God’s child. I am a genuine man of God.

Because of COVID-19, the church should continue to be organised at home. We should wait till COVID-19 infections go down before we think about opening churches.

The chapel is the church building but the church is when you and I meet to pray and worship God. The church is when two or three people meet to pray.”


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