Pastor Disgraced After Getting Caught Naked In A Married Woman’s Bedroom

A Ghanaian pastor was terribly humiliated after being busted in a married woman’s room completely undressed and ready to fire.

Relatives of the married woman’s husband jumped onto the scene and busted him, filmed the whole encounter and shared it online.

The humiliating video has gone viral all over social media with people wondering how that happened!

Pastor Disgraced After Getting Caught Naked In A Married Woman

The video shows the pastor wearing nothing, sitting on the couch of the man whose wife he had gone to fire.

He was sweating profusely as he lamely tried to explain his actions. According to him, he was out doing God’s work when the woman involved called him to come to her house.

He asked her why and she claimed she was lonely! Massive red flag – why is a married woman calling another man telling him she’s lonely?

However, homeboy wanted to fire and hence paid no heed to the red flag and went ahead to go and meet the lonely married woman in her matrimonial home without her husband present.

He somehow undressed to get ready for his battle however, he was caught red-handed!

He was recorded in his undressed state and the video was shared online.

The sad yet funny video isn’t fit to be posted here but it’s hilarious once you find it – just check out social media!


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