Pastor Replies Woman Who Asked If She Can Test Run Bedroom Equipment Of Her Intended Spouse

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Popular Nigerian televangelist, founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie answers a sensitive question most Christian millennials ask.

The cleric was asked this question while discussing relationship matters at the Youth Arise service.

A member asked if it is okay for a woman to ”test run” her fiance’s equipment for reproduction before marriage to check if he is good to go! *side eye* (Way to go sis!)

Apparently the pastor stated that it is wrong for a lady to engage in sexual activities with her fiance before marriage.

Pastor Ibiyeomie said,

”it is not in the woman’s place to check, instead, if the man has a sexual problem, he should confide in his wife-to-be.”

There you go! Hey you, yes you! If you’ve been planning to, abort mission! I repeat abort!


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