In Nepal, Passengers Were Forced To Push Plane Down Runway After Tire Bursts

While it may be common for commuters to push vehicles on roads after they break down, the same can’t be said for airplanes.

However, believe it or not, a group of people did exactly that at an airport in Nepal. Now, a video of the unbelievable moment has taken social media by storm.

In a video going viral on TikTok first, passengers were seen pushing a small plane on the runway with all their might. Scores of people were seen standing on either side of the aircraft, helping it move on the runway, reportedly after one of its tyres burst.

The incident was filmed at Bajura Airport in Kolti, where passengers pushed a lightweight Tara Air flight.

The clip went viral even on Twitter, where one user from the country joked, “Probably only in Nepal”.

According to Nepali journalist Sushil Bhattarai, the Twin Otter aircraft belonging to Tara Air with registration number 9NAEV was stranded in the middle of the runway. As the aircraft was obstructing the runway, passengers and security officials came together to move the plane to resolve the crisis.

Tara Air is a sister company of Yeti Airlines. Their spokesperson told Online Khabar that the aircraft had landed at Bajura Airport from Simkot in Humla when the incident happened. With no facilities to drag the plane to the other side, passengers joined the efforts of the airport officials to move the plane from taxiway so that flight operations could resume.

Then another plane of the company from Nepalganj reached Bajura with tyres and engineers. The spokesperson added that after fitting the tyres, both the aircrafts landed at Nepalgunj.


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