Image: Owusu Bempah/Facebook

This is Apostle Owusu Bempah.

The overseer of the Glorious Word Ministry International who is well known for making an end of year prophecies.


Image: Owusu Bempah/Facebook


Last year, he predicted that an NPP victory in the December elections and it came to pass.

Nana Akufo-Addo And Rebecca


On the 31st December 2016 night service to usher in the new year, the Apostle, as usual, made some prophecies for this year claiming Nigeria is likely to lose their president and many others. This got Ghanaians talking, here is what people are saying.

1. This is a list of some of his major prophecies for this year you need to know. 


2. This lady who think prayers can conquer it all


3. Dude actually believes he’s a lotto doctor


4. This lady who believes he only spells doom all the time


5. Then we have those who clearly see his prophecies as fake


6. This lady who thinks he only sees evil and nothing great and admonishes us to ignore him because 2017 will be great. 


7. Then we have those who see him as a fraud because he’s unable to drop five scores in a roll. 


8. His prophecies are going viral


9. This man who believes he can even do better than him


10. The one man who knows his target groups


11. This man who says he only sees negatives and not positives