Owass Proves Too Strong For Accra Aca As They Walk Over Them To NSMQ Final

Although they were able to easily eliminate the “brilla” boys from St Augustines, Accra Academy had a difficult time catching their breath in a face-off with the NSMQ semi-finals.

Opoku Ware school had shown how resilient they could be when they recovered from a loss in the first round to win the competition.

At the beginning of Round 1, the boys from Accra Academy were in high spirit as they took on OWASS and Boa Amponsem.

However, during the round, they realised the semifinal journey may not be as smooth as they expected.

Accra Academy managed to finish the first round with 23 points while OWASS and Boa Amponsem finished with 20 and 10 points respectively.

However, the Speed Race in Round 2 changed the fortunes of OWASS. They stepped up their game to end with 31 points. Accra Academy maintained its 23 points from round 1 and Boa Amponsem finished with 9 points.

In round three the schools were tasked to solve a question for 10 marks. OWASS snagged 8 of those points while Accra Academy and Boa Amponsem earned only 2 and 1 points respectively.

At the end of the round, OWASS was leading with 39 points widening the gap between them and their close contenders Accra Academy who finished with 25 points.

Accra Academy picked up the pace when they finished the True or False round of the competition with 38 points. But, OWASS brought their A-game completing the round with 55 points.

The fifth round in which they have to answer riddles was a tough nut to crack for the schools after they answered three riddles wrongly.

Boa Amponsem, however, picked the fourth riddle on the second clue.

OWASS won the competition with 55 points while their biggest competitor trailed behind with 38 points. Boa Amponsem SHS finished with 22 points.

OWASS is through to the finals happening on Thursday, October 8.


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