Outrage As Sankok Faces Backlash For Sexist Remarks In Viral Video

Women rights groups are up in arms against East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok for what they term as lack of respect for women.

The women are demanding that Sankok apologise for the remarks he made while marketing his Narok resort. They argue that his sentiments are meant to promote rape culture and are in bad taste.

In a viral video that has caught the attention of women’s rights groups, Sankok is heard promoting his resort dubbed ‘Lovers Nest’, a tree house at Osim County Lodge in Narok.

MP David Sankok
MP David Sankok

In the video, the lawmaker is heard saying that once lovers are inside the tree house, the ladder is taken down until morning, leaving no room for female dates to “change their mind”. This, he says, will enable men to get “value for their money”.

The activists are now demanding that Sankok issues a public apology, acknowledge his mistake, and pull down the video.

Olomal Loo Ntomonok, a network that brings together women from Maa speaking counties, said the sentiments encourage sexual violence against women.

Ntomonok said the video violates women’s rights to freedom and security, thus contravening Articles 27 and 29 of The Constitution of Kenya.

“The statement by the MP advertises the lovers nest as a private source of subjecting women to sexual violence, as well as denying women right to equal protection and treatment in economic, cultural and social spheres,” said Ntomonok.

“We condemn with the strongest terms possible the reckless sentiments by the MP as they are abusive, demeaning and degrading the value of women in this country.”

The Coalition against Sexual Violence has called upon the Tourism Regulatory Authority to begin investigations into other establishments abetting rape culture, and those found culpable be held responsible.

“We unequivocally condemn this repugnant marketing pitch and demand full accountability for Sankok’s actions,” said National Gender and Equality Commission Chair Joyce Mutinda.

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