Our Family Was Against The Marriage – Barabara’s Sister Recounts

The late Barbara Tommey’s sister, Sophia Tommey, has said that their family tried unsuccessfully to stop Barbara from marrying Sylvester Ofori.

Speaking to Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii on Kofi TV, Sophia Tommey explained that Sylvester’s brother, who is also a pastor, had gone to the would-be couple’s church to preach during a revival programme and prophesied that Barbara would marry a pastor called Sylvester, who was incidentally also in the church at the time.

Sophia explained that Sylvester got married to Barbara when the latter was 22-years-old and new university graduate.

“My sister fell in love with pastor Sylvester and when they decided to get married the family wanted to convince her to not marry Sylvester but Barbara indicated that Sylvester was the man she wanted to marry so we allowed her.

“Barbara married Sylvester in less than two months after she graduated from the university,” Sophia narrated.

When asked how the family took Barbara’s decision, she stated that as a family they believe in prophecy so they prayed about it and Barbara too prayed about it before going ahead to marry Sylvester.

“They became closer after the prophecy so the love grew from that point which led to the marriage. Sylvester’s family were not in support of the marriage because we are Ewes and Sylvester is an Asante so the [cultural] differences were [at] play but both of them were not in Ghana.

“At age 22, Barbara could make decisions for herself and since Sylvester’s family was against the marriage, we were also against the marriage but Barbara was a very good girl so we could not do much about it. We only granted her wish,” Sophia stated.

Sophia claimed that Barbara and Sylvester have been married for five years now but they did not have any children because Sylvester went into occultism and was therefore not intimate with Barbara.

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