Otumfuo Warns Dormaahene “We’re Both Men, I Won’t Sit And Watch You Flex Muscles

At the first Council Meeting in the Ashanti Region for the year 2022, the Ashantehene in an uncharacteristic fashion took direct aim at Dormaahene without mincing words.

Otumfuo responded to the words of the Dormaahene one after another including an allegation by Dormaahene that some tribe wants to still make others “their subjects”.

It will be recalled that over a few weeks ago, Oseadeyo Agyemang Badu II revisited Ashanti history and explained the origin of Asantes and the real meaning of Kumasi

otumfuo dormahene

According to Oseadeyo, quoting Rattray, the ancient people who stayed at modern-day Kumasi were slaves to the Denkyirahene. Their main job was to cut wood using axe for him. They were called Akuma Ase Fo meaning descendants or inhabitants of the Axe. The women were tasked to carry red clay on daily basis to the Palace of Denkyirahene.

“We the Dormass are so powerful that we severed the head of some Asante chiefs in my Palace. We slashed their heads through historical wars. How can you be powerful than somebody who conquered you 7 times in a war, killed your war Lords and chiefs and took you captives?” Dormaahene quizzed.

“They should stop distorting their history just to look good. Okomfo Anokye didn’t plant any KUM TREE which later became KUMASI, They got the name out of their servant jobs using axe to cut firewood. AKUMA ASE FO (Kumasi)” The chief said.

The Otumfuo in a calm manner responded to the claims. He also warned subchiefs outside Ashanti Region swearing allegiance to Asanteman not to waver as he will continue to ensure they receive good development and be lifted.

In return, Asanteman only expects their loyalty and sacrifice.

“If you cannot fight for Ashanteman, please vacate the seat for those who can. If you cannot sacrifice like our forefathers, then you don’t deserve the seat” He said.

“Bono East too, anybody trying to raise his or her shoulders must be careful, not under my watch. If you claim you are a man, I am also a man. And with Drobohene my uncle lifted you up in 1948.” Otumfuo added.

He fired Dormaahene for his claims that some tribes want to make others subjects and should be resisted.

“If you say today, no one can make the other a subject, who is making the other a servant here. No one has made the neighbour a servant,” he insisted.


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