This Nyandarua County Landlord Has Waived 2-Month Rent Over Coronavirus

Some residents of Nyandarua County will get some reprieve from the tough economic times anticipated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is after a landlord waived the rent for his residential properties for the months of March and April after sympathizing with tenants.

Speaking to Citizen TV, the landlord identified as Michael Munene spoke candidly about his close relationship with his tenantss, saying that he understands them and often extends the payment time when rent is due.

“When coronavirus came to Kenya, life became unbearable and some of them could not afford to raise the rent early enough resorting to borrowing. That is why I have decided not to charge them for the next two months.

“Most of my tenants work in flower farms, and I heard that some could lose their jobs soon. I looked at the situation, and decided to waive the two months’ rent,” said Munene.

This, coupled with the coronavirus outbreak threatening to turn the economy into a standstill were the factors Munene considered in his charitable gesture.

Further, the apartment owner insisted that he would not demand the dues at a later time, adding that the agreement legally binding.

“Kile uko nacho, you are supposed to share with your friend,” he said.

The landlord will reportedly lose out on Sh228,000 over the duration.

Thus far, Kenya has 16 confirmed coronavirus cases, with all international flights being suspended effective March 25. The government directed that restaurants remain open but only offering take-away services while bars, places of worship were closed until further notice.

Kenyans in transit have complained of hiked fares due to a directive that 14 seater matatus can only carry 8 passengers, while 25 seater PSVs were instructed to carry 15 only.

“Fares will certainly go up because the cost of doing business is high,” Matatu Owners Association chairperson Simon Kimutai said on March 20, reacting to the policy.

(H/T CitizenTV)


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