This Nursing Student Says She Will Kill Patients On Purpose For Being Forced Into Nursing

A young Ghanaian lady who claims to be a nursing student and will soon go into full practice has threatened that she will deliberately kill patients because her parents forced the profession on her.

Nursing Student ghana

A heart-stopping video shared by Metro TV on its Facebook page shows the green uniform-wearing lady with a light-blue hijab on her head, warning that potential patients should mark her and flee for their lives whenever they spot her at any hospital they visit.

“I don’t want to be a nurse, but my family said I should study nursing, soon! I will start working, so any patient who comes to meet me should run away or I kill them,” the alleged nursing student said in a local dialect, as translated by a narrator.

The video has put fear in Ghanaians and sparked numerous reactions, with many people calling for her identification and arrest, while others say she might have made the video just for purposes of fun and to seek attention.


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