National Service Lady Teacher Sews Free School Uniforms For Her Pupils, Netizens Amazed

Janet Asibi, also known as The Sewing Teacher and Ama Val, is a national service member assigned to the Nsoatre SDA primary school in Bono Region.

According to information obtained by, when Janet arrived at the campus, she discovered that some of the students wore worn-out uniforms or wore no uniforms at all.

She wanted to assist by getting a sewing machine that she had learnt to use and sewing uniforms for the students at no expense.

“This disheartening development of seeing these young ones whom we refer to as future leaders walk to school in torn clothes compelled me to put my skills in sewing to use,” she said.

She saw finding answers to this problem as a joint obligation, so she sewed new school uniforms for any child in need with her own money and the help of friends and loved ones.

School uniforms currently cost her 50 Ghana cedis per boy, but this varies depending on the school.

Ama Val completed the job successfully by collaborating with another seamstress for whom she pays.

She enlists their assistance in order to avoid overburdening herself as a teacher. It is her ambition to extend this initiative, called “One Student; One School Uniform,” to other affected students in other Ghanaian schools.


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