Sometimes, when we hear of things happening in our country, we are confused and dumbfounded.

Irrespective of the current state of things in the country, our seating lawmakers decided that the best use of a whopping N6.1 billion was to buy new cars.

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And we found an interview that the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Abdulrazak Namdas gave to Punch Newspapers.

And that even weakened us more than we already were.

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In the interview, the chairman pointed out that the cars which cost 17 million naira for each were one of the cheapest cars available and every member needed cars for functions that involved them moving from one place to the other.

17 million naira for a car? Cheap?


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Don’t these lawmakers already have cars?¬†

Are these people really just there to serve?


Our chairman also went on to say that with each tenure, new cars are given or better still, supposed to be given.

So that’s another 6.1 billion in four years assuming they decide to buy the cheap Peugeot cars

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So what exactly happens to the cars given to the House of reps member?

It will interest you to note that after four years, these cars are valued and sold to them if they want to keep them. So a 17 million naira car may be sold at less than a million at the end of his tenure #NoTokunbo

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Wait, are you people actually angry because if you’re not, we are

Like what is this nonsense going on right under our nose?

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We can go on and on about what this 6.1 billion naira can actually be used for and not incur bad debt to purchase cars.

Because this is just bad debt, to be honest.


Not to forget that these people already make a lot of money as seating lawmakers already, so what really is the problem?

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We need someone to actually explain to us because we don’t get it.