Meet Sean Dampte, The Nigerian-Born Artist Who Paid Ksh 500k Each To Dancers Who Did His Challenge

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Nigerian-born Sean Dampte, formerly known as Dampte is an Afro-Pop artist based in the U.K.

With a reputation to somehow always get people grooving, he is now seen as one of the pioneers of a new genre. With his excellent use of genres such as Afrobeat, Pop and Dancehall. He has combined them all together to now create what is known as Afro-Fusion.

His latest release ‘Marcelina’ is a testament to that, the new single has been touted as the number 1 song for 2020 Summer!
He serenades us with this dance-infused afro sound. A mixture of the sounds you expect to hear at exotic resorts off the coast of Ibiza. The influence behind the song is of a love interest that developed from the dance floor.

Dampte paid $5000 to each dancer who did his new video Challenge and has said that he will be in Nairobi soon to marry his ‘Marcelina’

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Sean Dampte serenades the audience with new single.

Are you the Marcelina he is looking for, dance and you never know if you may be his crush!


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