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Cyber crime is one of the most dangerous ills all over the world, posing threats to businesses and individuals.

According to these stats, 556 million people fall victim to it every year, with 1.5 million victims per day and 18 victims on the second.


We know fully well that Nigeria has her own fair share of these cyber thieves.

And it’s popularly called names like 419, yahoo yahoo amidst others.

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What we didn’t know however was that of all countries in the world, Nigeria is currently at Number 3 when it comes to internet crimes.

And it’s just the UK and the US that’s above us.

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Are you as surprised as we are?

Like who would have actually thought?

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The Chief Executive Officer of the National Communications Commission, Prof. Umar Danbatta, disclosed this during the Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association in Lagos.

He also went to say that about N127 billion was the estimated loss to cyber crime in Nigeria in 2015.

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So beware, ladies and gentlemen of scammers on the internet.