Newborn Triplets In Mexico All Test Positive For Coronavirus

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In what is believed to be an unprecedented case, newborn triplets in Mexico have tested positive for COVID-19 – and experts are investigating whether they were infected from the mother’s placenta during pregnancy, according to a report.

Two of the babies, a boy and a girl, were listed in stable condition in a hospital in San Luis Potosí state, but a second boy is being treated for a respiratory condition, the BBC reported.

Contagion in multiple births had not previously been detected anywhere around the world, a spokesperson for the state’s Health Safety Committee said.

A very small number of newborns have been known to be infected after birth, but health officials said they did not believe that is what happened in the case of the triplets, who were born prematurely on Wednesday.

They all tested positive for the coronavirus on the day of their birth.

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