Police Break Up 5O-Person New Year’s Eve Sex Orgy For Breaking COVID Rules

Spanish police had a rather unusual start to the year when they were forced to see in 2022 by breaking up a New Year’s Eve orgy that breached local Covid restrictions.

According to Spanish paper El Mundo, officers discovered more than 50 people getting to know each other rather well at a property in Llica d’Amunt near Barcelona, after two of the invited guests knocked on the door of the wrong house, causing the man living there to raise the alarm and gave the game away.

new years eve sex party

People were having sex upstairs in a property and the party was reportedly organised by a group of Americans who allegedly hired prostitutes to attend.

Meanwhile, the homeowner is said to have been aware of the type of gathering that took place and the unidentified number of attendees believed to be between 50 and 70 have been identified and now face fines.

The party broke the rules because a maximum of 10 people were able to meet up for New Year’s Eve in Spain’s north-east Catalan region under newly-introduced Covid restrictions.


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