Netizens React To Matatu Driver’s Act Of Saving Pupil’s Life On Jogoo Road

A matatu driver along Jogoo road has elicited reactions among netizens after he blocked the road to save the life of a pupil who had dropped his books along the busy road while aboard a motorbike.

The driver, identified as Fredrick Nyaga, said it was very unsafe for the kid to pick up the books hence his act was to protect them from being injured.

Kenyans on Facebook said that the driver should be awarded for his act of humanity.

Kenyan Matatus

Raphael Matheka:

This guy should be awarded humanity at its best. This is the kind of humanity the society needs God to bless the driver.

Babra Lawrence:

The best driver, May God bless you for using your common sense nicely and having humanity in you, many drivers would have run over the books and the boy.

Another Facebook user said the country is filled with many inhuman acts and that is why people are surprised by such a simple act.

“That we celebrate such an ordinary act of kindness shows how Kenya is terribly inhuman.

What would be the alternative to blocking traffic to allow the kid to collect her books? Running over her as motorists scramble to reach their destinations fastest,” said Maingi Mangi.

Others have since called on the Matatu drivers who act badly on the road just to cause accidents to change their behaviour and be human.

He said they should learn to be patient as the roads are to be used by everyone.

“It should be that way. Since most of the Matatu drivers behave badly. If one does what its right. It sounds like a favour. Anyway hope the rest will follow n learn to be patient on the roads. It’s for all to use from pedestrians to animals,” Elijah Ayugo commented

Nairobi matatu drivers are known for their rogue behaviours while on the road costing the lives of innocent pedestrians and other road users.

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