Nana Addo’s Slot Not Included In 2 Ballot Papers At Bereku, Awutu Senya West

New reports arriving suggests that presidential candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo‘s photo have been omitted on two ballot papers at Bereku Awutu Senya West.

Ghana hold it’s 8th general election as the country has been quiet to ensure peace, free and fair election in the various polling stations.

A new report sighted by on Adom Tv shows that an electoral officer, at Bereku, Awutu Senya West whose duty is to tear the ballot papers after an electorate has undergone the Covid-19 protocols and haven verified his or her name in the list of eligible voters have been giing the ballot papers without Nana Addo’s picture on it.

From the video, two electorates have complained about the omission of Nana Addo’s picture on the ballot papers.

From the video, the lady in charge when questioned couldnt alter a word and asked for her boss to return befre she could talk on the issue.

However, whether she deliberately omitted Nana Addo’s picture or it was an initial mistake from the Electoral commission remains unknown for now.


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