Before the elections,  a lot of things were said about the president-elect, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.

Some claimed he was a drug addict, he was sick and cannot govern the country, some also claimed he was too old to govern the country etc.

These few people, however, were of the strongest conviction that there was no way Nana Addo could ever be president and even before we went to the polls, they promised us should he win they will do this or that to themselves, here are people who spelt doom for the man but it backfired.

1. Gbese Mantse Nii Ayi Bonte

He swore to step down should Nana Addo win, we are yet to see him keep his promise.


2. John Dumelo

John Dumelo making this statement on twitter.

John Dumelo - twitter


3. This below the belt video from Tracy Boakye

Check out the caliber of people who votes for Ndc and the kind of adverts they are doing. When you desperate for power .. This how far you can go. In the constitution. They forgot mad men and women dont qualify to vote .I can't think far

Posted by Twinsdntbeg Jnr on Monday, September 5, 2016


4. MzBel in this video claiming Nana Addo is not a presidential material


5. This man claiming Nana Addo will never realize his dream of ever becoming president of the country. 

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6. This lady who went to the extent of denigrating the man and making it clear for that reason he’s not getting her vote.

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7. This man who played God and made us understand Nana Addo was losing hands down. 

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8. This man who still thought at the last minute even when they were losing, they will still maintain the president seat.

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9. Here he was again giving us a commentary of what he doesn’t know and was confident enough to tell us to take a screenshot and we did exactly that. 

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10. The man whom through his permutations gave the impression they were in a comfortable lead. 

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11. Ben Ephson’s prediction of the presidential results

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12. This man who wanted him dead…hmmm!!!

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 13. This video of Hassan Ayariga claiming Nana Addo is incompetent and at his age cannot govern the country.


14. This video of Rex Omar claiming Nana Addo is a disaster and so can’t govern this country.


15. And finally, this lady who even put her genitals on the line. We are yet to witness her promise, though.

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NB: All we wish to say is that, in life, nobody knows tomorrow and so long as we are not God, we can never predict the life of another being. These are lessons we should all pick from.