Nana “King Promise” Addo Says Ghana Will Produce At Least 5 Million Chickens By End Of December

President Nana Akufo-Addo has stated that the government through its framework policies will provide a 50 percent interest rate subsidy for loans to agribusinesses.

This the president reveals will add up to the production of 5million broiler birds by the end of December this year.

“A framework has been developed to provide fifty per-cent (50%) interest rate subsidy for loans advanced to qualified agribusinesses by financial institutions.

“The target is to support the farmers with affordable financing to produce five million broiler birds, equivalent to ten thousand metric tonnes of meat by the of this month of December” he explained.

This will be extended to qualified farmers to expand poultry production operations for hatcheries and processing plants.

Earlier, this year, it was detected in the Greater Accra Region, Volta Region and Central Region which affected 600,000 farm animals, where 6,000 birds died naturally and 4,500 were killed as part of surveillance and disease-control management.

The president said the necessary measures are being put in place to address the losses.

“And also matters arising from the effects of the outbreak of bird flu and climate change, Government will continue to take the requisite measures to address these challenges and ensure that agriculture continues on an accelerated growth trajectory.”

During his remarks at the 37th Farmers day celebrations, President Nana Addo intimated that Ghana cares Obatanpa program will boost economic recovery from the pandemic and also make agriculture attractive to the youth.

He said

“The programme will inject 100billion cedis into the economy with support from the private sector and will help create jobs and develop industry. The agriculture component of the Ghana Cares is to support commercial farmers by attracting young people into agriculture, developing and promoting agro-processing and food import substitution commodities s such as rice, poultry sugar, cassava through PPP arrangement and facilitating access to land and affordable financing.”


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