NAM 1 Fires Critics Comparing The ‘Fake’ UN Awards Saga To Menzgold

Since yesterday, one Dr. Kwame Owusu Saga has been trending on Ghana social media after giving out fake awards under the name of ‘The 7TH Global Leadership Service To Humanity’ award.

Recipients of the awards included  Sarkodie, Berla Mundi, Captain Smart and others. This development has set the internet ablaze and a lot of social media users have roasted the award recipients for not doing a thorough check on the award.

Following this development, several Ghanaians have begun to compare this hoax to the Menzgold saga which caused a lot of people to lose their money.

In effect, this comparison is trying to insinuate that both Dr Kwame Fordjour and founder of Menzgold, NAM 1 are into the business of scamming. This did not go down well with NAM 1 who has fired his critics.

Reacting to such comments, Nam 1 has described the actions of those comparing him to Dr Fordjour as people suffering from “baloney intoxication deficiency.


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