NAM 1 Will Vomit Every Money He Has Stolen -Mahama Vows

Leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Mahama has disclosed that he will do everything within his power to ensure that Menzgold investors receive their funds from Zylofon and Menzgold boss Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1.

He said that during an interview with Kwesi Pratt Junior.

In his own words, the aspiring president said:

“With Menzgold, it’s a different kettle of fish from the Savings and Loans company. But the point is they are Ghanaians and it was a lack of our proper oversight that led to the Menzgod problem. Because if it has been lifted in the bad early, the kind of loses people have made would not have been made.

Why I have not made a definite issue on Menzgold because I didn’t not know the quantum of money involved. My understanding is that it’s about $15M to $20M; that’s what I’m hearing. And apart from that, you need to strip off the interest that people are expecting and what their principal was.

So if you get hold of the books, then you will be able to tell what the magnitude of the debt is. But aside from that, I can’t understand why in heaven this government is giving a free pass to those who perpetrated this fraud when you must be going after them, you must be locating their properties, you must be liquidating those properties and see how much you get from there and then as a government that is caring you look to see how you can alleviate the plight of the people and that’s what I told the Menzgold people that we as a government will pursue the retrieval of their money and we will also take steps to alleviate the suffering that they are going through.”

Watch the video below:

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