Nakuru Residents Puzzled By “Black Rain” In Parts Of The County

Residents of Nakuru County have been left in wonder of the mysterious “black rain” that hit parts of the county on Friday, July 24.

According to a report by,the waters from the rain seemed to be contaminated by charcoal when it was left to settles.

However, it was reportedly clear when poured.

According to one Peter Kariuki, a respondent from Engashura area the downpour was experienced during the day and there were several theories to the cause.

“It rained on Friday. Residents suspect that it was caused by a project of the Geothermal Development Company at the Menengai Crater.” Peter told

However he does not entirely agree with some of the residents saying the company has been operating for a while now and yet they have not experienced such colored rain before.

He also explained that it rained on Saturday, July 25 although the dark color of the water was no longer existent.

Contamination of the rain water by dirty roofs was reportedly eliminated as a possible cause of the color since the county has been experiencing frequent rainfall.

Nakuru Black Rain
A Nakuru resident displays water from the “black rain”. Photo courtesy

This rare kind of rainfall was reported in several parts of the county even as far as Njoro.

Residents allegedly continued to use the water for domestic use as it was tasteless and odorless thus seeming to cause no harm.

In a similar occurrence in Japan a few months ago, residents experienced a dark rainfall that came after one of the historical lightning storms to ever be recorded in Tokyo since the one that happened in 1945 after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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