My friend Was Stabbed To Death 2 Weeks Ago – Sakaja On Insecurity In Nairobi

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has painfully recounted how he recently lost a friend who was killed by armed criminals.

Addressing the congregation at AIPCA Dandora Church on Sunday, November 13, the county boss decried the insecurity in the city, revealing that he too has been affected by the same.

The governor recounted that his friend was stabbed to death by an armed gang during a robbery in the city.


“I lost my friend two weeks ago after he was stabbed to death Sakaja said without delving into the details of the deceased friend.

The county boss vowed that he will work closely with security agencies to tame runaway crime and urged the youth to shun crime.

He promised that his administration will support youth who want to earn an honest living, but criminals will be dealt with ruthlessly.

“We are ready to support organized youth with many opportunities of business but crime is a big no. This is where we part ways. Mugging and stabbing people must stop,” Sakaja explained.

Criminal gangs operating on foot or on motorbikes have been terrorizing city residents in a new wave of crime.

A new report titled Criminal Activity Trends released earlier this week noted that there has been a steady rise in armed and opportunist robberies in residential and commercial areas across Nairobi.

The report read in part that “The incidents mainly target pedestrians, traders and motorists, and increasingly feature the use of motorcycles and bodaboda taxis”.

Armed with guns, knives and other weapons, the gangs leave a wave of destruction in their wake, including death in some cases with several others taken to hospital with injuries.

Security agencies have vowed to crack down on all criminal elements and restore security in the city.

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