Murkomen Confirms Dismissal Of Lady Ruto Mentioned As ‘Corrupt To The Core’

Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has responded to President William Ruto’s directive regarding the sacking of a corrupt official in his docket.

The CS, in a statement published on social media on Tuesday evening, reaffirmed that the official reportedly serving in a senior capacity in his ministry, was procedurally laid off in May this year.

“For the avoidance of doubt the officer mentioned by HE President Ruto was dismissed from the government agency on 29th of May 2023 after the due process was followed,” Murkomen wrote on Twitter.

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President Ruto, during the signing of performance contracts by Cabinet Secretaries at State House on Tuesday morning, revealed that a certain corrupt official in the Ministry of Roads andTransport was abetting mismanagement of public resources and always got away with it through crooked means.

The woman, whom he described as “corrupt to the core”, would often be transferred but would bribe her way back through the courts.

“There was one lady in one of the Roads department, corrupt to the core, to the extent that she could not be transferred by anybody, even by the Minister, because if she was transferred she would go to court, buy the court process and make sure that she is returned, that is the kind of chronic that corruption has taken us,” Ruto said.

“I hope Kipchumba Murkomen, I hope that lady no longer works for the government of Kenya. We cannot have such. There are people who have made government offices their private property.”

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