Muntaka Warns Government “We Will Fight The Agyapa Deal With Everything We Got”

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Asawase, Muntaka Mubarak has disclosed that the opposition party will resist any attempts to bring back the controversial Agyapa deal.

He said the NDC lawmakers will resist it vigorously till it is expunged from the books of Ghana.

Addo and Muntaka

Speaking to Accra based Joy FM, Hon. Muntaka said the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) should prepare for a hostile opposition if they bring the deal to the house.

“I can bet you that our opposition to Agyapa is bigger than our opposition to e-levy. And I will not sit here and tell you our strategy, but believe me, if that attempt is made, they won’t find it easy.”

“I just want them to appreciate one thing; you know we fought to get it removed from the budget, so one it’s not in the budget, well someone will say they may reintroduce it in the Mid-Year Budget Review. I won’t sit here and tell you what we’re going to do.”

“They will get a fearless and most resistant ever had in any Parliament if an attempt is made to bring this thing, believe me. I’m not sending any threat, I’m only telling you that look any attempt to think that you can just come with Agyapa into this house, you should prepare for the worst,” he added.

The Asawase MP further bemoaned the silence of opinion leaders on the matter. According to him, their failure to speak on the ills of the deal has left the Minority with no other option than to employ every tactic possible to ensure the Agyapa deal is not passed.

“Because you see we’ve come to realize that – I’m sorry to say this – a lot of the elderly so-called opinion leaders in our country, everybody has gone dead silent. Because of their huge and super loud silence it leaves us with no other option than to take the fight and prevent Agyapa from ever happening into our own hands,” he said.

According to him, the government has failed, since the time the deal was withdrawn from Parliament, to properly engage with stakeholders as well as the Minority side in order to build consensus for approval.

He also noted that the government over the years has failed to build trust with both the Minority and the people of Ghana in terms of their management of state finances thus, it will be injurious for the state for such a deal to be approved.


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