Mr. Logic Says “50% Of Feminist In Ghana Are Lesbians”

Controversial entertainment pundit Mr. Logic has claimed that about 50 percent of women in Ghana who play the role of feminist are lesbians.

One of the most dominant social groups in Ghana is feminists. There are a lot of media persons who have tagged themselves as feminists. While some inspire young ladies, others also pollute the minds of some young ladies.

mr logic ghana

During the discussions in the studios of United Showbiz, Mr. Logic emphasized that about 50 percent of feminists in Ghana practice lesbianism secretly in Ghana.

During his presentation, the entertainment pundit stated that men have been suppressed for a long time and complained about how women are appreciated more than men. He described the pain and struggles men go through as more than child labor.

β€œMen are suffering in Ghana because women have stood together to make men seem bad in the society”, he claimed.

According to him, these feminists in Ghana are causing other innocent women to regard men as unimportant and useless in society and no one seems to care to talk about it.


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